Newtown Estates Recreation Center Membership

New Security Access to the Newtown Estates Recreation Center

NECA requires all residents using the facilities to be registered as a member.  To avoid any delays, please be sure to bring in all proper documentation when registering.  Residents who are not properly registered or are not in good standing with NECA, as stated in the NECA Rules & Regulations handbook, will be denied access into the facilities.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The registration process is quick.

1. Homeowners and/or agents must complete and submit one of two new forms – the Resident Registration or the Tenant Registration form.  Member Facility Resident Privileges Registration

2. Proof of residency is required.  Bring a valid government-issued photo identification showing property address or a utility bill showing member’s name with the Newtown property address and a photo identification. For minors (17 years and under) proof can be in the form of a birth certificate when parent listed on the birth certificate has proof of residency at the Newtown property or legal documentation showing guardianship by an adult with proof of residency at the Newtown property.
3. Staff will take your photo
4. Receive a four-digit PIN number