Newtown Neighborhood Security Watch

Kathy Ebey, Coordinator for the Newtown Neighborhood Security Watch (NNSW) Program, continues her quest to revitalize the NNSW Program throughout our community. The areas include Newtown Estates, Royal Summit, and ten sub-associations; Chateau Newtown, Harbor Terrace, Hillside Terrace I, II, III, & IV, Ke Kumulani, Newtown Meadows, and Newtown Villa I & II.
The NNSW Program is about “Neighbors watching out for Neighbors.”  With approximately 2,530 residences, the NNSW Program could definitely use more volunteers in the program.  Meetings are held in the kitchen area at the Newtown Estates Recreation Center.  Although attendance is not required, it is encouraged as NNSW members and HPD Representatives exchange and share information.
Although the overall statistics of crime in the Newtown area is low, some of the areas affected by crime seem to be supported by facts, are the areas where there are no Block Captains or individuals in the NNSW Program.  As the program coordinator, Kathy believes participation is the key in making the NNSW a very effective program and to eventually deter criminals away from Newtown area altogether.
If you would like more information or want to be a volunteer, please leave your name, phone number, and email address at the front office.
NNSW Meeting Schedule:
January 16, 2018
March 20, 2018
May 15, 2018
July 17, 2018
September 18, 2018
November 20, 2018

Meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are held in the kitchen area of the Rec Center.

Community Traffic Awareness Program (CTAP):
The next sign waving event TBD.