Greenbelt Guidelines

As the fee simple owner of the Greenbelt, NECA is ultimately responsible for any activities occurring in the Greenbelt area.  NECA obtained approval from the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) to conduct routine maintenance, (i.e. shrub and tree trimming and/or removal), within the Greenbelt area.  As a condition of the approval, NECA must comply with all terms and conditions imposed by the DLNR on the manner in which the maintenance activities are conducted.
NECA is authorized to conduct basic land management, including routine weed control, clearing of understory, and tree pruning, utilizing chemical and mechanical control methods, which involves no grubbing or grading.
For those residents living adjacent to the Greenbelt area who would like to assist NECA in these efforts, please contact NECA’s Architectural and Covenant Specialist for further assistance at (808) 487-3806 or by email at .