Architectural Design

Before beginning construction for all additions or alterations to any lot subject to the MDCCR of Newtown Estates which alter the exterior appearance of any residence or structure, including walls and fences, and including the painting thereof must first submit a Newtown Estates Architectural Application form and must obtain a Newtown Estates Architectural approval permit from the Architectural Committee before the start of the project.
These procedures and the Architectural Design Committee review and approval are only for compliance with Newtown Estates planning and design standards.  Owners are responsible for obtaining any necessary City and County building permits and for complying with all applicable codes, ordinances, and regulations.



Steps to Apply for a NECA Permit: Painting and Roofing Only

  1. Select colors and materials from NECA’s Pre-approved Painting Colors or NECA’s Pre-approved Roofing Materials and Colors
  2. Complete the Architectural Application Form #1 for Pre-approved Materials Only
  3. Submit the completed application form to NECA by emailing it to, by mail, or in person at the Newtown Recreation Center.


Steps to Apply for a NECA Permit: All Other Projects

  1. Complete the Architectural Application Form #2 for Non-approved Materials
  2. Follow the instructions as indicated by the applicable checklists
  3. submit the completed application form, alongside the appropriate supplemental materials for your project
  4. Pay the applicable application fee by cash or checks made out to NECA